How much money does a Paparazzi consultant make?

Paparazzi Consultants make an automatic 45% commission on all jewelry sales!

Consultants order most Paparazzi products for $2.75 and sell them for $5.00. That's a two dollar and twenty five cent profit on each item!!! Where does that money go? IN YOUR POCKET! Re-invest a portion back into your business for more inventory and spend the rest on whatever you wish. 

Commissions from team members:

Monthly income can also be made by building a team of consultants! Up to 10% of everything your team sells comes back to you!! 

Do I have to recruit a team?

There are Paparazzi Consultants who have no team, and no desire to recruit. This is completely fine and 100% your choice. There is no pressure to recruit. Consultants can be extremely successful by focusing exclusively on selling alone.