How much money does it take to start selling Paparazzi Accessories?


READY? If you're ready to get started you'll need to get a Starter Kit. Kits come in three flavors... just a taste, the drink, and the whole refrigerator!

$99 Preview Pack:

The preview pack consists of 35 pieces of jewelry and is valued at $175. We recommend this one if you want to check out the products and aren't quiet sure if it's for you.

$299 Small Home Party Kit

The Small Kit consists of 120 pieces of jewelry and is a good starter pack to get you going! This kit is valued at $600

$499 Large Home Party Kit

The Large Kit comes with 200 pieces of jewelry and is the best value for you to have the inventory you'll need to set up and SELL! It's valued at $1000

Your first party may well be a huge success and you don't want to run out of product to sell so I always recommend the Large Kit.

I recommend starting with an open house as the first selling point of your journey. I'd be glad to walk through the process of buying, setting up, getting things started, and answer any questions you might have (and from personal experience you WILL have a lot of questions). Just shoot me an email!