I don't have Facebook, can I still sell Paparazzi Jewelry?

Facebook is an always-changing giant easily adapted to small business. However, the short answer is... NO, you don't HAVE to use it to sell Paparazzi Accessories. 
However, it does help and is a huge avenue of networking. So, I recommend having Facebook and creating a business page. Facebook policies no longer allow selling on your personal page. 

Alternatives to Selling on Facebook:

Hosting Parties and inviting others to become Hostesses is a great alternative to selling on Facebook. You can also attend vendor events and craft sales in your area. Just check with the event coordinator. Only one Paparazzi Consultant can be in attendance at each event. 

Not Allowed:

Selling on third party sites (any site not owned by you) like Ebay, Craigslist, etc. is not allowed. Creating your own website is also an option but keep in mind you must only sell Paparazzi Accessories.
If you have any questions as a Consultant please view Paparazzi's policy pages in the Back Office.