What does hosting a Paparazzi party mean?

Hosting a party at your home:

To host a party in your home, you'll need to schedule a time, invite your friends, and have a ton of fun! Just like any party, you'll need to have a presentable home and you may wish to have food and drinks. There are no catalogs. No sales pitches. Just fun with friends and guilt-free $5 jewelry! 

Did we mention you get FREE JEWELRY!

Hosting an online party:

Hosting an online party is SUPER SIMPLE! I'll create a Facebook Event and add you as a hostess (we have to be personal FB Friends to be able to invite you). You click on the invitation and start inviting your friends. When it's time to party, I'll go LIVE on Facebook, you'll join in, and we'll start having fun. It's a great way to have fun with friends, even when they're across town, in another town, or on the other side of the USA!

Did we mention you get FREE JEWELRY!

Ok, so how do I get FREE Jewelry?

Hostess Rewards! For every 10 pieces of $5 Jewelry sold during your event, you get 1 for FREE! That's it! The more friends you invite, the more jewelry is sold and the more you earn. Party sales must total $50 or more in order to generate Hostess Rewards.